Tassle Disco Earrings


Tassle Disco Earrings

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Sunup to sundown style. It's what you'll get out of this effortless drop. Monochromatic metals and easy-to-wear size make it a flexible fashion find. Perfect for mingling with lunch-date afternoon wear that become on-the-scene night gear that become brunch-and-such day fare. Now, if only your calendar was that easy to manage.  

Asa & team spent countless hours creating the perfect timeless GOLD pieces inspired by exotic beauty. Let each piece be a part of your journey of self-expression.

Design Detail

  • Each earring has teardrop-shaped station with filigree embossing throughout

  • Drop has similarly filigreed ribbed end cap with link tassel


  • Approx. 4"L x 7/8"W

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