Please read beautiful woman:

Luxe kaftans are meant to be flowy and not tight.  Asa Kaftans move beautifully with the body and that's what's sexy.  Classic Asa Kaftans have one straight stitch down so it's the same width measurement on the bust as is on the hips.

Some woman worry whether they can "pull off" a kaftan or not or are concerned that their "body type" might not work with a kaftan.  All of our garments are designed to fit super gorgeously on ALL body types.  And we don't want any of that type of talk!  Be as GLAM as you want to be Goddess!  Kaftans have been worn by gorgeous women of ALL body types for thousands of years. :)

We have different cuts for kaftans.  Our Asa Kaftans, desert kaftans, and our newest Golden Goddess Tunic Collection.  Asa Kaftans are our gorgeous classic cut and a straight stitch down.  Our stunning DESERT KAFTANS are designed are a little bit of a different cut.  They are based after ancient Middle Eastern and African kaftans and are free size.  They fit sizes S to 3XL.  Golden Goddess Tunics are a totally different fit, fitted and tight to the body.

Our GOLDEN GODDESS COLLECTION are fitted tunics and fit like a fitted shirt.  Very different fit from our kaftans.  The tunics are not flowy and have a tight fit.  Asa wears L.   We will post exact measurements soon.  But the sizes are like a fitted button down shirt.


Tunic by Size

Small- 32 in L ;  20.5 in W

Medium- 32 in L ;  21.5 in W

Large- 33 in L ;  22 in W

Extra Large- 34 in L ;  22.5 in W

Drawstring Tunic by Size

Small- 32 in L ;  20 in W

Medium- 32 in L ;  21.5 in W

Large- 33 in L ;  23 in W

Short Cape

Free size - 32.5 in L; 38 in W

Long Cape

Free size - 51 in L; 41 in W

Classic Asa Kaftans COLLECTION in (in)

Here are the width measurements, which are seam to seam. The length is 32 inches for short kaftans and varies from 52inches - 57 inches for long kaftans.

S 21 inches width

M 24 inches width 

L 26 inches width

XL 28 inches width

2XL 32 inches width

**Please note that all our silk kaftans except for our Silk Drawstrings run a size smaller than our classic prints in our Poly Georgette fabric. 

Australian Conversion in (cm)
Here are the width measurements, which are seam to seam. The length is 81.28 centimetres (cm) for short kaftans and 132.08 centimetres (cm) for long kaftans.

S 53.34 centimetres (cm)

M 60.96 centimetres (cm) 

L  66.04 centimetres (cm)

XL 71.12 centimetres (cm)

2XL 81.28 centimetres (cm)

***NOTE:  Many of our clients buy Asa Kaftans and re-stitch them custom to their body.  As mentioned above it's the same width fabric for all sizes (except 2XL) and the only thing that is different between the sizes, is the placement of the straight stitch for the sleeve.  Any good tailor can re-stitch for you in 5 minutes to make it bigger or smaller.  So, if you don't see your size, no worries and have your Asa Kaftan re-stiched to fit your glorious body perfectly. ;)


Plus Sizes:

We carry many of our styles in sizes S-2XL (Most 3XL Goddesses find that they fit into our 2XL perfectly!).  If you don't see your size, it is most likely sold out.  Check back in 3 weeks. :)