Best known for her eccentric glamour and down-to-earth spirituality on Bravo's hit TV show "Shahs of Sunset,"  Asa Soltan announces her first writing project. Teaming up with North Star Way, an imprint of prestigious publishing house Simon & Schuster, the book is scheduled to be published May 9th, 2017.

In GOLDEN, Asa talks about her journey as an Iranian refugee and immigrant, the culture shock of finding herself in a succession of foreign countries, and ultimately how she learned to love herself, her differences, her beauty, strength and power, and reclaim her culture, all while embracing and learning to love both herself and her adopted country.

A successful entrepreneur, artist and philanthropist, Asa has a massive online following who look to her for advice about accepting and loving their bodies, finding and surrounding themselves with supportive friends, and daring to believe that whoever they may be, they are perfect just the way they are.

Asa is able to embrace her culture, keep centered and develop a supportive and nurturing environment for herself by creating and practicing rituals.In her book, GOLDEN, Asa will share seven of the rituals that guide her own life, with the same voice, clarity, humor and love that has earned her the moniker “Persian Pop Priestess,” and “Spiritual Gangsta,” from her online followers.

"Writing this personal book was such an emotional journey for me.  I went through my life and revisited the hows and whys as I came up with these rituals that guided me through hardships and obstacles in my life. You will laugh, cry, and also have a ton of fun with the rituals in this book!  Most importantly, it will remind you who you really are.  Get ready to start living the life you were meant to live, Lover!"  ---Asa Soltan

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